J.M. Zimmermann is my pen name. The J stands for Jess. Feel free to call me that if you leave comments and/or messages. I’m a writer by nature. A lover of stories and words. Of film, television, and music. My blood flows with a balanced diet of coffee and tea. I currently work at Barnes & Noble and am often found writing or reading when I’m not there.

My stories are always about everyday people with everyday problems, oftentimes with a supernatural twist. They may also contain one or more of the following: obsessive love, complex relationships, unreliable narrators, gore, and suspense. Give me your creepy, your macabre, your creatures of the night. That is my jam!

Edgar Allan Poe is my all time favorite. His blend of horror and psychological terror has influenced a great deal of my writing. Contemporary favorites include Megan Abbott, Thomas Harris, Grady Hendrix, Stephen King, Mary Kubica, Laura McHugh, Jennifer McMahon, J.K. Rowling, Maria V. Snyder.

I’ve written professionally for Fangoria and have contributed posts to She Did What She Wanted as well as my community newspaper.

I’m an aunt to two amazing nephews: Logan (Little Man) and Dylan (Little Bug). All I want to do is shower them with love and make them proud.

Basically, I am one of a thousand aspiring novelists out there and hope you enjoy your stay on my blog. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to share book recommendations, talk about writing, and just general getting-to-know-you. ♥